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Sunday, February 14, 2010 @ 7:35 PM
This fucking sucks man.

fought with my brother,
Grandma hates me.

i've always been an outcast.
but i liked it then.
no one gets in my way of doing things.
i like to treat myself as an outcast,
but now,knowing that they too treat me as an outcast.
its sucks.weird,but sucks.

When i'm alone outside the boundaries of my safe zone,
i realised that i've got no one.
when im trying to think of a number to callup and accompany me.
fucking hell,there's not even one i can actually call up without begging to accompany me.
suddenly they all full of excuses.i'm not trying to be fussy la.
but come on.i was there and always try to be there for anyone that i consider a friend.provided i have the means to do it.:) much feelings buried so deep in my heart that i cant get it out.i feel it,but i cant decipher it.

sometimes,a simple task of asking means more then the world.
Thursday, January 28, 2010 @ 5:20 PM
I've made mistakes.Some are small and some are big.
but i've never regret it.Because i know that i chose this path.not anyone but me.
i chose to steal,i chose to fight,i chose to run away.
its all me. lessons learnt.some easy,some very the nabei cibai.

but i've gone through it and chose to move on.there are times i do look remember the past.cause not all past contains pain and suffering contains joy and laughter too.

but i do regret.
i regret having my childhood memories lost.
regret having forgotten the warmth of my first hug with my mum.
regret having forgotten how i learned how to laugh and smile.

cause right now.
it'll be nice to have all these feelings come rushing back to me:D
Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 5:59 PM
We Met
We Talked,
We had fun
it was epic.

Then the sun came up and reality set in.

Monday, December 7, 2009 @ 6:04 PM
HEY..i'm not bragging!
since its been awhile since i post.
and i've always wanted to post about my cabin
so pictures time!

its not that big la.but if i throw a woman inside
with you guys.even small cabin like this can make do:D

OH..not being disgusting and all. beside the room there's a sink
and the toilets i think you'all know how its going then.
i washed it on regular basis though

aaahh..the port hole.
you can be surprise how this small thing can affect the room so much.
if you open now.sunny and cheerful room.
close it and you get ZEN cum chill cum comfy room.(Preferable)

Oh and i've already revamp this table with stereos and speakers.

no pictures sadly

Lastly.The Bed!

Suddenly sleeping on the ship
feels way better then home:D
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 @ 12:05 AM
i didn't sleep the whole night.
so i thought, why not have a morning exercise at playground's gym(i dont know what its called).

Its around 630am,so the sky still quite dark,i see old folks doing their routine,students going to school and the best thing is that i envy them.

envious of the old folks who went through life and yet have a smile on their face.

envious of the students waking up to school early in the morning with a sulking face, yet upon reaching and meet friends,it turns to smile and laughter.

i was lying on the floor looking at the sky,and dark clouds start to gather.
i smiled.
rain!please rain.
so i waited.i waited for the moment.
few passer-by while walking stared at me.
they thought i was crazy.

then (:,
it rained.
i smiled to myself and just enjoy the rain.
everyone went to the nearest shelter.
not me,i love the rain.
i sense few eyes staring at me and whispers going around.
hahahah...they might really think i'm crazy.
yet,deep in their heart, i knew that they envy me. (:

In The End,Everyone Envy Each Other.(:
Friday, April 17, 2009 @ 9:05 PM
i've changed.
people changed.

every single day,hour,minute.
we out nose getting bigger or to pubic hair getting thicker.

aniwae thinking back of how i used to be, and how i am now.
i've changed.

and sometimes i missed being who i was.and other times i've grown a liking to who i am now.
there's time i think back and thought "what IF i've scored 100 for maths test"
or" What if i could get the girl i wanted"

would my life be different now.
would i be a better and happier person now?

and then.naaahhh.
if that were to happen,i wouldn't be where i am now.
missing things and regretting things i should have done.

I love my life now.though kind of dull a bit here and there.
there's friends and shirin to make my day.

i often thought of who i want to be..
from wanting to be a policeman, to a lawyer and now to become a captain.

but there's one thing that never will changed in me or anybody(correct me if im wrong) is that
i want to be happy and care-free.

i believe that if i were to be happy and make others happy.
then maybe other people will make me happy.
like a circle i guess.

i've realised how small singapore really is.i've wasted 1/4 of my life staying here.
Imagine that the world is not powered by money or education..could i or we all have the freedom to go around and explore?

it always comes back to

Everybody is Changing
@ 7:35 PM
hahaha..i love updating
OK!!!time to update!

just let the pictures do the talking:D


The guy in the middle"Yum is AWESOME!"

im fly.. to work out.wouldnt want to spoil a picure:D

lucky no jelly tentacles stinging OUR tentacles

hey!the IDEA was there.


Now Thats the way lighting up a cigg


cha shirt was choice but to where PINK:S



HE comes in peace..we come to piss.HAHAHHA(lame)

we tried acting as humane as possible..really!


jalil got the girl..argh!nvm.we'll make do with this.

go back to where u came from!!!!!!!

i told shirt was wet.

woah!now thats fly!

if i were to have her as my grandma..i swear i'll piss on my bed evertime she gives a goodnight kiss:S

All i could smell was body odour..eeeeeeeee

.....i just love this pic....


my group!!whatever keunggunan!!!WOOOOO!!!

im a darling..i know:D


prepared for war..FOOD FIGHHTT!!

ok...i lame..
sheeesh..gimme a break..its been decades since i've update.

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